Infrared Asphalt Technology

Asphalt has been around for quite a while. It is currently the most recycled material on the planet. Unlike concrete, asphalt can be reheated and reclaim its original malleability and formability. Of course, oxidation takes its toll on everything, and asphaltenes are lost to the environment over time, but with our cutting-edge infrared asphalt technology, we can help restore it to its prior strength. To streamline our infrared asphalt repair services, we have custom-built an asphalt repair trailer with an infrared recycler on board. The recycler burns LP Gas and heats a particular metal that emits infrared wavelength light when it glows red hot. It is the only metal that we have found that acts this way, and we have looked around because it is expensive. The infrared light penetrates the asphalt and heats it, not just from the top but from the inside as well, making this infrared asphalt technology truly innovative and impactful for long-term repairs.


This allows us to heat the asphalt to an acceptable depth without scorching the top layer. Many asphalt recyclers really just burn the top layer of asphalt off and then replace it with virgin material. In our world, that is not really recycling. We rarely need to remove old asphalt to complete a repair; instead, we just add new material to make up the material lost, and we add back in asphaltenes to make it all like new, making our infrared asphalt repair services highly efficient and cost-effective. Once the old and new asphalt are mixed and ready to be leveled and compacted, we bring out the compactor that we carry on board. If you have spent any time on our site, you know that we create a seamless repair. From a technical perspective, anytime you have hot asphalt coming into contact with cold asphalt, there will be a failure. Hot and cold asphalt do not bind to each other. When we heat an area of asphalt, we leave a border around the heated area that we do not touch. About six inches in from the border, we scarify and add material during our infrared asphalt repair services. Then, when we compact we start at the outside and work our way in, leaving no hot-cold seam for future water incursion and failure.


Our competitors will guarantee that a couple of years after they complete their repair, you will have two potholes instead of one. We guarantee our work so you can be certain that a repair of ours will not create more trouble in the future. 

But no rocket science is required. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about our work and how we can help preserve your existing asphalt layout and surfaces through our infrared asphalt repair services.